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Jun 15 2007

i won’t be living in a box on the street

Finding a place to live in DC was so stressful. I met the weirdest bunch of freaks who must be aliens posing as landlords, got stood up by a couple of real estate agents, worried that a landlord would be able to steal my identity from all the personal stuff on the applications, had applications denied, was discriminated against based on “marital status” (basically the fact that I’m not married but will be sharing a bedroom w/ my fiance…biggest sin ever) got lost on the way to appointments and pretty much wanted to give up and buy a huge box to set up shop outside my school.

After weeks of nightmares about not being able to find a place and the horrible visions of living in a box on the street, we finally found a place that all my roommates could settle on. (all the roommates: me, A, my fiance who is starting at Georegetown Law in the fall, J, who is starting at Catholic Law, and R, who is starting at GW Law.) We needed 3 bedrooms (but hoped for 4 or 3 plus a den) and needed 2 bathrooms (but really really really wanted 3 because J doesn’t want to share a bathroom with R) we finally found a place that had everything we wanted and needed and 4 blocks from metro and very reasonable rent, so I can stop freaking out about housing and start freaking out about something else, as per usual for me.

Also, I have posted twice today, because I am still avoiding doing all those projects at work that I am supposed to finish before the end of the day…

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